A Record of Service

Led the effort to establish a specialty license plate, “And Justice for All,” to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in funds to help provide legal services for the poor.

Started “We the Jury”, an initiative working with our public schools to educate students about the importance of jury duty, and the right of every citizen to be judged by their peers. “We the Jury” was adopted by the American Bar Association YLD and became a national program.

Colonia Project

Led a complex project with other legal partners to help families living in colonias gain clear title to their properties, bringing them peace of mind.


Served as President for the McAllen Boys & Girl Club where children have a safe and supportive after-school environment. Also served as Chair of the Capital Campaign and raised over $5 million to build a new club.

Was recognized by the American Bar Association and the State Bar of Texas for his leadership in service project benefiting tens of thousands of youth, elderly and the disadvantaged.

Project Merci

Supports Project Merci, a Mission in Cameroon, Africa created by Ray Thomas’ son “Rey Ray”, to support education in rural areas.

Recognized by the Governor of Zacatecas for his excellent legal work on behalf of migrants.

Welcoming New Lawyers

Gave the welcoming remarks to the new lawyers and their families at the November 19, 1999, New Lawyer Induction ceremony in Austin, Texas

A Visionary of His Profession

Established programs to address mental health issues in the legal profession.

Supports Missionary Work in Paraguay

Always helping others in many ways..

Invited Speaker to Bar Associations in Mexico

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