Thomas delivers holiday cheer to Rockport residents

Coming together after Hurricane Harvey

 Life isn’t always fair, but our courts must be…

Yolanda was only a 5 years old when she was nearly swept away when the house she and her family lived in flooded for the third time. This wasn’t just bad luck. The family had initially bought a small plot of safe land from a colonia developer, only to have that lot condemned for a new highway, who then switched them out to a home in a flood plain. After Yolanda nearly drowned, the family had had enough. Years of litigation followed. As we worked through arbitration between the developer and the family, Yolanda handed me a drawing of a house. She told me she dreams one day of being able to live in a home with a chimney and pretty flowers like the one in the drawing. I’m proud to have put together a deal for the family to live in a new, safe home at an affordable cost. I hope that Yolanda’s dream has come true.

About family, and the shoulders we stand on…

To whom much is given, much is expected; to whom even more is given, more is required.

My mom wasn’t given much in life, earning only a high school diploma and working for little more than minimum wage, but through her unconditional love and sacrifice, she made sure all her children graduated from college. Despite the many obstacles she faced in life, she still, as a single mom, instilled in her children a respect for public service, and to live our lives in the service of others. I’ve never forgotten those lessons. After 30 years of being blessed with my own beautiful family and successful law career, it’s time for me to give back, by serving as a member of the judiciary as the next Chief Justice for the 13th Court of Appeals.

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